Shipps Landing Floor Plans

Shipps Landing consists 206 total units throughout 3 buildings, phases, each of which offer incredible views.

Building 1 (Phase I): 2/2  universal floor plan comprised of three levels:

Middle units are 4 story,

Wing units are 3 story,

End units are 2 story

Building 2 (Phase II): 2 & 3 bedroom floor plans

7 story building

Building 3 (Phase III): 2/2 bedroom floor plans

18 story building

Shipps Landing Site Plan

Phase II Building

Phase III Type A 2/2

Phase I Type A 2/2

Phase II Type A 2/2 & Den

Phase III Type B 2/2

Phase III Type D 2/2

Phase I Type B 2/2

Phase II Type B 2/2

Phase III Type C 2/2